Locksmith Options For Your Backyard

When you think of your home's security, rarely do you think of the backyard. Yet backyard security is just as important. If you have a swimming pool, insurance companies will require that you have it properly locked. You also do not want children or even adults wandering into the pool. The backyard also typically has a lot of valuables left lying around: Tools, a bike, toys, garden chairs, and tables, among others. Read More 

What Every Homeowner Needs To Know About Fire & Life Safety Systems

A house fire can be devastating to a family, especially if a family member or pet is lost in the fire. While it's a good idea to have smoke detectors, they do no good when nobody is home. It's important to have a fire and life safety system that will turn fire sprinklers on and call the fire department for you, especially if you are gone most of the day or travel frequently. Read More 

Different Upgrades for Your Home’s Security System

Securing your home is a challenge, which is why you need to upgrade different areas of your security system. However, before making any changes, it is best to understand the different options that are available. This information will allow you to choose the right upgrades for protecting your home. Keyless Entry The locks of your exterior doors are easy to tamper with or unlock with the right tools. Newer technology is making this harder for the average burglar to get into homes. Read More